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The people in those Lesson Plans for your Social Studies class Curriculum can be brought to life when Teachers and Students wear these School Costumes.

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About the Names in History category:

In many cases, the Curriculum for the Course you’re Teaching might include Lesson Plans focusing on a specific person from World History, whether it’s a Colonial hero like Benjamin Franklin, a famous name from Literature or Art like Shakespeare, a renown President of America like Abraham Lincoln, or a unique Thinker of the Twentieth Century like Albert Einstein. A broad selection of School Costumes for both Teachers and Students of All Ages and Sizes allows these legends to walk right into your Classroom and Participate.

From an Early Age, Kindergarten and young Elementary School Students can begin to Develop recognition of these important Historic Figures by Dress Up time spent in these Costumes. Ask them questions and interact with them to get them to consider who these people are.

When children reach Middle School and High School, Presentations and Lectures can be brought to life when a Report or Discussion about, say, Paul Revere, is not just recited but rather Performed in Costume. Just because Classes become more Serious as Kids get older does not mean they need to be more boring; Classroom Tools such as Historic Costumes ensure that important Lessons stick.

From Historic explorers such as Christopher Columbus and Davie Crockett to Political Leaders with names like Thomas Jefferson and Theodore Roosevelt, the Outfits in this category will turn your Social Studies class into a Living History lesson full of color and Culture. Encourage the maximum level of Class Participation with these useful Learning Tools.

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