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Medical and Science themed Doctor Costumes, Scrubs, and Lab Coats from School Costumes are excellent Educational tools to use as a Teacher for Students of all ages.

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About the Medical and Science category:

How many Students in your Class say they want to be a Doctor when they grow up? Between the promise of a lucrative salary, the thought of being able to restore people to good Health, and influence from Parents who want the best for their Children, the number of Kids who at some point consider such a Career make the Scrubs and Lab Coats in the Medical and Science category a smart choice.

Preschool, Kindergarten, and younger Elementary School students will enjoy partnered Dramatic Play in which they take on the Roles of doctor and Patient or perhaps pretend to test a Sample or concoct a new kind of Medication in the Science Lab.

At the Middle School and High School levels, you as a Teacher have the power to encourage their dreams as they begin to think about what College they want to attend and what Subjects they want to Study. Seeing themselves in a Doctor Costume might help them envision that Future and could be the extra little push they need to make the decision to go the Pre-Med route.

Working in a School or in the Education field means that you have the power to influence the future. How many future Doctors will your inspire? Will the person who discovers a one-pill cure to cancer be a Student you Taught? It’s easy to give Lectures and Tests and simply Pass or Fail your students based on their ability to regurgitate facts, but the Teachers who incorporate more impactful, hands-on Methods Of Teaching make a difference in Students’ lives and ultimately change the world.

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