Use the Career Costumes from School Costumes as Classroom Tools to promote Learning about Transportation, a Transportation Related Career like a Pilot, and World exploration.

Ww2 Captain
Sailor Hat
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Aviator Scarf

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About the Transportation category:

From railroad Trains to Planes in the sky and Boats in the ocean to Space Shuttles way up high, Jobs in the Transportation industry are considered with eager delight by Students of All Ages.

Career Costumes for Engineers, Pilots and Flight Attendants, Captains and Sailors, and Astronauts will not only help Kids in Preschool, Kindergarten, and the early years of Elementary School not only explore these exciting Career options and recognize people in their Community working in these Positions but will also serve as a useful Classroom Tool for Teaching the workings of the Transportation System and how new Methods Of Transportation have helped us Explore the World we live in.

If your students are in Middle School or High School, stepping into the Costume of an Astronaut or Pilot can take their thoughts about Career Planning to new heights. Using your unparalleled skills as a Teacher, open their eyes to the important role Education plays in obtaining a Transportation Related Career.

Sometimes it can be quite difficult for a Student to draw the connection from the time they spend behind Textbooks in the Classroom to real-life experiences, and he or she may think that skills like Reading and Test Taking aren’t important for a Job like Flying an Airplane. If a Career Day in your Class helps you identify a Pupil interested in the Transportation Field, seize the opportunity to stress the importance of staying in School and Learning. They will thank you for it some day. You should take pride in knowing that what you’re doing is contributing to a productive future for your students and for Society.

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