Thanksgiving is an important Holiday in terms of Culture and Identity as an American. School Costumes can help Teachers make sure Students get it right.
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As Thanksgiving rolls around in November, students and educators alike can come together not only give thanks, but also to celebrate American history. Classrooms can be transformed into life-like history lessons by incorporating Thanksgiving costumes and teaching students about the American holiday.

For Preschool, Kindergarten and early Elementary school levels, treat friends, family and the community to a Thanksgiving play or musical production showcasing not only students, but also what they learned in class. Whether the recital or class lesson needs Native American or Colonial costumes, we have various styles and sizes you will need to make Thanksgiving at your school something to remember.

Older students won’t be able to stop smiling and laughing seeing teachers or fellow friends dressed up as turkeys while teaching about Plymouth Rock and how Thanksgiving came to be. It’ll get your students excited to participate in class and continue. Browse through and find the perfect costume to best ease your students into the Holiday season and its lesson plans.

The Thanksgiving season can be important to shed light on America’s history that students would not have known otherwise. While they can go home and celebrate Thanksgiving at the dinner table with family, there is something special and necessary about learning the correct information on holidays such as Thanksgiving. Bring history to life and create memories they will never forget.

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