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• Teach elementary music efficiently and effectively with curriculum that comes with all the tools: lesson plans, songs, audio, flash cards and worksheets. Visit LessonPlansforMusic.NET today.

Teacher to Teacher is a blog created to assist teachers with day to day issues and includes unique K-5 classroom activity ideas. is pleased to participate in Educational Link Exchange with interested relevant sites. If your company has a website with Lesson Plans, Class Activity ideas, Grants, or other Education related information you would like to make available to Teachers, Educational professionals, and Parents of School age Children, School Costumes would honored to provide a Link to your site here. Please contact School Costumes at 305-744-3080 or at your earliest convenience to discuss a Partnership that will allow us to team up together in our shared Goal of increasing the quality of the Education System and enhancing Student Learning. You can also submit a Link Exchange request through Link2Me Link Exchange for Backlinks. This sort of Cross Promotion will allow us to work together to help make Academic institutions and persons aware of Resources available to make their lives easier or inspire a higher standard of Learning and Achievement to Classrooms around the world. Other opportunities for Publicity of your Classroom conscious Company or Organization include mentions on our Social Media platforms and more. We are open to discussing different options with you. Thank you for considering teaming up with

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