School Spirit

Rely on School Costumes for Educational Costumes, Accessories, and Props to boost School Pride and transform your School into a positive Learning Environment for Students.

School Spirit

About the School Spirit category:

Education is first and foremost when it comes to School, and in order to create the best Learning Environment, you have to establish a positive, fun atmosphere and a sense of connection between all Students, Teachers, and Parents. With your ideas and our Costumes, Accessories, and Props, you can do exactly that.

School Events:

• Start talking about a crazy Hat Day, Silly Socks day, Dress Like A Nerd day, Glow In The Dark day, or any other fun themed day a week in advance to get kids excited about coming into Class that day. Give parents a Class Schedule at the beginning of the School Year so they know all of the themes to plan for, and suggest, where all of their purchases will count as Fundraising for the school.

• Make your Football Games, Basketball Games, and other Sports or Field Day events into lively occasions with our School Mascot costumes, Referee Shirts, and Cheer kits.

• Opening a new Wing, Building, or Playground? Invite everyone associated with the school to participate in a Grand Opening Ceremony event, complete with one of our Giant Scissors and ribbon sets.

• Let students vote for the School Dance theme of their choice. Browse our selection of Dance props that will help make the Event one they’ll remember.

The steps you take to grow School Pride might be different depending if it’s an Elementary School, Middle School, High School, or something else, but the point remains the same across the Board. Proactively seeking ways to turn your school into a fun environment with a community feel will make everyone happier to be part of your school and will thereby foster an environment that promotes Learning.

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