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School Costumes will help your School stand out to Students and Parents alike as Number One with Mascot Costumes for School Sports and other events like Field Day.

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About the School Mascot category:

It feels good to root for your team and to brag not just that they won but that we won. And when it comes to School Sports, that means the Students are rooting for their School and feeling like a part of their school, which is an important way to bolster School Spirit and get everyone excited about Education.

School Costumes offers an exciting assortment of Mascot Costumes to help make your Class understand that they are a Team, not so different from one another and all there for the same purpose. Some of the Mascots you can choose from include Bulls, Bulldogs, Sharks, Lions, and Tigers. And if you don’t see the Animal or Character you’re looking for, contact us so we can see if we are able to make one available to you.

These are just some of the Mascot options available for you to use for your School Basketball Team, Football Team, Baseball Team, and more. Don’t forget Special Events and School Activities like Field Day. Throw a big School Shirt over top and add some Accessories in the School Colors, and you’re good to go!

Just like only one team can be Number One, one school is going to be better than all the others: the one that students want to attend and the one Parents want to send their Children to; the one with the best Teachers and best Classes; the one that Graduates students who will be the Next Generation of Leaders and Stars. Make sure your school stands out as the Winner.

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