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Prepare for Productions in Theater, Show Choir, and Dance, and bring Cultural Expression into your School, with Educational, vivid Costumes from School Costumes.

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About the Read and Perform category:

The Arts, including Literature, Dance, Music, and Theater, provide a unique method of Learning that allows Students of all ages to understand Themes and Concepts in a deep and sometimes emotional way and to participate in a type of Cultural Expression and Communication that goes beyond simply words. Done in Costume, the Educational experience is heightened.

Performing Arts opportunities:

• As the grand finale to your Literature Class’s unit on Shakespeare, stage a School Production of Romeo And Juliet. Go with a classic look, or let your students work in small groups to revise the Play with a modern or different theme. Provide costumes or ask Parents to do so, suggesting so they can help Raise Funds for the School.

• Show your students’ parents that you’ve been Teaching their little ones all about nutrition. Have them perform a play or Musical in adorable Food Costumes, like a Banana Costume, Carrot Costume, and more.

• If you’re putting on a Production or planning a Show Choir / Glee Club performance that parents or even the general public will be watching, go with a title that everyone will know and love, like Grease, the Wizard Of Oz, or a Disney Classic.

• Talent comes in many forms. Some students might be interested in Acting, Singing, or Dancing, but some others might rise to the creative opportunity of preparing their peers’ Costume Makeup for the big show.

• If you operate a Dance School, use our selection of affordable Leotards, Tutus, and Costume Accessories to create vivid Costumes that your Dancers will be able to express themselves in.

Whether they’re for a Preschool, High School, Dance Class, or Theater Group, our Performing Arts Costumes will help set the stage for a high level of Education.

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