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Educational Costumes create a Learning Experience for Students on Patriotic Holidays like the Fourth Of July, Columbus Day, Presidents Day, and Washington’s Birthday.

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About the Patriotic Holidays category:

Patriotic Holidays such as the Fourth Of July, Columbus Day, President’s Day, and Washington’s Birthday, when recognized in a Classroom Setting, help Students understand American Identity and Learn about interesting and important aspects of American History. Stocked with a variety of School Costumes pertaining to each of these Holidays, your School will serve as a prime Learning Environment during each of these Educational opportunities.

Children in Preschool, Kindergarten, and the early years of Elementary School will benefit from Dress Up time in, for example, a Christopher Columbus Costume or a George Washington Costume to initiate recognition of these important American figures that they will continue to Learn About throughout their Educational career. Dressing Up in other Patriotic Costumes like the Statue Of Liberty and Uncle Sam around Independence Day can help Young Children begin to understand their Identity and American Culture.

Middle School and High School Students can wear Costumes of Presidents, Christopher Columbus, and more for a Student Presentation about any of these important Historic Figures or perhaps a specific topic pertaining to History, tying up their Presentation with an explanation of how the Holiday is celebrated or recognized today. Rather than simply dress up and Read, encourage them to get In Character for a more well-rounded Learning Experience.

As a Teacher the choice is yours: whether to let a holiday like Presidents Day pass by with hardly a nod to acknowledge its existence, or to seize each and every opportunity to Teach to the best of your ability, using the Props and Tools that will best convey important Lessons.

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