Medieval and Renaissance

Medieval and Renaissance Costumes from School Costumes bring History to Life for a memorable Social Studies class. Students will Learn about Social Evolution.

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In a world where Kids download apps onto their smart phones and chill in front of television screens, a hands-on Lesson Plan with Costumes that bring the Medieval Times and Renaissance Era to life can really help Students become excited about a period that was much different than the present. And every History Lesson helps them learn how to craft a better today and tomorrow.

At the Elementary School level, it’s really about letting Children explore and become familiarized with ideas and Culture from History. Dress Up time spent in Medieval Costumes and Renaissance Costumes serves as a Learning Device; it creates a memorable experience and image they can associate with the Medieval Period or The Renaissance and bring with them throughout their future School years as they collect more information, such as Learning about Artists like Michelangelo and Leonardo Da Vinci or Studying the Golden Ratio.

Once students get into Middle School and High School, studying Historic Eras such as the Medieval Era or the Renaissance Period can help them understand Social Evolution and why Government functions as it does today after a Historic progression of Feudalism and Monarchies.

Whether for the Dress Up Corner, a Student Presentation, a Field Trip to the Renaissance Fair, a Historic Play, or the Teacher giving an impactful Lecture, these Historic Costumes will create the perfect Educational experience. School Costumes will ensure that each and every Student is excited to Learn, opening their Young Minds to the important Lessons you are going to Teach them in their Social Studies class.

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