Inflatable Sumo Wrestler Boys Costume

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Want to become a Japanese Sumo Wrestler without gaining all the weight- There is a simple way to transform into an overweight gladiator without gaining one pound thanks to the Inflatable Sumo Wrestler Boys Costume. This super cool Halloween Outfit gives you the appearance of a heavyweight Sumo Champion while maintaining the slender figure that allows flexibility and range of motion. True, this Sumo Suit may not make you a threat on the ring--which is why it is not recommended that you try to wrestle in it--but it is absolutely one of the coolest illusions you can create with a little bit of air and human ingenuity.The Inflatable Sumo Wrestler Boys Costume is an over sized, loose fitting jumpsuit with elastic bands at the wrists and ankles that seal in the air that is introduced into the suit through a battery operated mini fan. The little fan device produces more than enough air to fully inflate the suit and give you a robust wrestler look. The suit comes in a standard tan skin tone and has printed designs on the chest made to look like pectoral lines along with a Sumo Fundoshi design built into the Costume. A hair bun head piece tops off this hilarious costume for a truly legitimate Sumo Wrestler look.This Creative Halloween Costume is sold in One Size that should fit most Child.Please keep in mind that 4 AA batteries are required to operate the fan but they are not included--neither are the socks or shoes.

Inflatable Sumo Wrestler Boys Costume

Hilarious Halloween Costume.
Hilarious Halloween Costume.

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