Holiday Class Activities and the next Christmas Production at your School will be their best with Holiday Costumes for Students and Teachers from School Costumes.

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About the Holidays category:

Holidays from Christmas, the Fourth Of July, and Thanksgiving to Earth Day, Presidents Day, and Columbus Day not only are fun Classroom Themes for Students, Teachers, and Parents alike but also serve as opportunities to Learn about History and Culture. With the right Holiday Costumes in hand, your School will get to learn in full color everything the Seasons have to offer.

Holiday Class Activities:

• Help your students get excited about helping Nature on Earth Day or Arbor Day by asking parents to send them to Class wearing Fairy, Bug, Frog Costumes and more. As a class, march outside in costume to plant a tree or water the garden. Make sure parents know ahead of time that ordering from will Raise Funds for the school.

• ‘Tis the year to put on that big Christmas Production featuring Santa Claus, Rudolph, and everyone’s favorite Winter characters!

Dress as a giant Turkey to get students’ attention for a Class Discussion about what the original Thanksgiving Meal with the Pilgrims and Native Americans was like and how it evolved into what it is today.

Student Presentations about a President or Christopher Columbus (done in costume) will make sure they know what those days off from school are all about.

• Ask everyone to come in on St. Patricks Day wearing green or a Leprechaun Costume for a scavenger hunt (with mathematical or other subject-based clues) to find the leprechaun’s pot of gold (candy).

Whether for a Discussion, School Production, or Class Party, Educational Costumes will help you and your school get the most out of each and every Holiday.

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