Halloween Costumes and Decorations help Teachers build a positive Learning Environment. See the many outfits to wear to school this Halloween season.


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About Our Halloween Costumes:

As Halloween approaches, pumpkins are decorated around the classroom and the thought of endless candy fills the minds of students, it is hard to not want to dress up in a Halloween costume. Coming to school dressed up can be everyone’s highlight of the year; teachers, we know you’re also looking forward to it!

For the scariest day in the whole year, turn your classroom into a place where monsters and princesses alike can sit together and enjoy Halloween traditions. Even a silly and fun holiday can be turned into lessons in class the students will never forget. Educators can teach how Halloween is celebrated in other cultures such as Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) in Mexico. Coming in a Dia de los Muertos costume or in Sugar Skull gear can bring culture to the classroom in a unique way. Classrooms can even turn into show-and-tells by coming in as a witch to explain the History of the Salem Witch Trials or as a zombie to explain the media culture take-over about the possible coming of a zombie apocalypse.

Is your school hosting a Halloween parade? Impress students, educators and parents by making sure everyone is in costume! With the wide array of categories and costumes to pick from, it would be difficult not to come to school dressed up on Halloween. Don’t forget, schools that are registered with SchoolCostumes.org and purchase costumes from our website can serve as a fundraiser for your school.

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