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You can get Grand Opening Ribbon and Giant Scissors for your School’s next Grand Opening Event for a New Department or Playground from School Costumes.

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About the Grand Opening category:

School Costumes is happy to be able to provide some other Supplies for the Special Events at your School that aren’t necessarily Costumes but nonetheless help you create a special image. If your school is about to Open a New Playground, New Department, or a New Wing filled with brand New Classrooms, then hosting an Event to Commemorate the accomplishment is a great way to showcase your Academic Institute to the Community and General Public as well as to build School Spirit and Pride among those Students, Parents, and Teachers who are associated with the school.

In order to help you do this, we offer Giant Scissors and Ribbon for your Grand Opening Ceremony. Ribbon Cutting makes for a great Photo Opp so you can appear in local Newspapers and Magazines, so choose from our colors and widths with that end result in mind. We even offer Grand Opening Ribbon with the words printed right on it.

Don’t forget to get your Students Involved for the Big Day. Opening a new Playground specially designed to promote Physical Fitness? Invite the Student with the highest GPA or best Grades to prepare and read a Speech about the importance of staying active and fit for a Healthy life. And who will be the one Cutting the ribbon? There are so many ways to make your Grand Opening Event into a truly special occasion for your Preschool, Elementary School, Middle School, High School, or College. Give your school a day to look forward to, enjoy, and remember.

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