Put on a Student Production at your School that uses Performing Arts, with the help of School Costumes, to reinforce Healthy Habits such as Eating Right.

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About the Food category:

School Costumes in this category can come in handy for Health And Nutrition lessons and Student Productions as well as more advanced Lectures and discussions about Economic and Social Issues. With your Creative expertise, the possibilities to incorporate these Educational Tools are endless.

As everyone knows, Children go to School for standard Education about Subjects like Math, History, Science, and Literature, but good Teachers don’t forget to Teach important Life Skills such as Health and Nutrition. Especially when they’re at a Young Age, like Students in Preschool, Kindergarten, and Elementary School, Lessons about Eating Right can truly resonate and set them up for a successful life of Healthy Habits. Show their Parents you are reinforcing what they’re teaching their Kids at home (or what they should be enforcing at Home). You can do this by putting on a Student Play or Production with a selection of Costumes that includes Grapes, Peas, Carrots, and more.

Even for Middle School and High School students, Food Costumes can come in handy for an animated Debate or Discussion about, say, International Trade of Food Products, “Organic” and “Fair Trade” labels, and how Social Class structure affects Diet.

Curriculum is merely a starting point. You know what you need to teach, but how are you going to teach it? Create unique Lesson Plans that integrate these Educational Costumes into your Class Activities to create a Learning Experience that caters to the diverse needs of all the types of Learners in the Classroom.

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