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Learning Tools like School Costumes help Teach your Students on Holidays like Earth Day and Arbor Day about caring for Nature and making a Sustainable Environment.

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About the Earth Day category:

Celebrating either Earth Day or Arbor Day with your Classroom has tremendous value in terms of creating the next Generation of Responsible grown-ups who will take care of this Planet and ensure a bright Future. The more Society becomes dependent on Technology that produces waste, the more important it becomes to get Students excited about Nature and taking care of planet Earth.

Preschoolers, Kindergarteners, and young Elementary School Students will take delight in dressing up as Fairies, Butterflies, Frogs, and more as you venture into the great Outdoors as a Class to Plant a Tree or Water the Garden. This is the perfect opportunity not only to Educate the Kids about taking care of the Environment but also to tie in this fun Class Activity with a Science Lesson about the parts and Growth of Plants.

As your Students progress into upper Middle School and High School, your Environmental related Discussions can become more complex. Break the class into pairs of two and assign Topics for Debate, such as creating a Sustainable Environment, where one Student dresses in a Costume and takes the Role of a Scientist or Political Leader and the other dresses as and takes the role of, say, a Frog or a Flower. Can the two sides reach a Compromise that allows for both to prosper? Is one more important than the other? What sacrifices must be made in order for Materialism and Environmentalism to coexist?

With the use of the right Classroom Tools in your Curriculum, like School Costumes, Holidays like Earth Day And Arbor Day have the potential to serve as prime Learning opportunities.

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