Early Childhood

Encourage Learning with Dress Up Educational Costumes for Preschool and Early Education from School Costumes. Dramatic Play boosts Cognitive development in Kids of a Young Age.

Early Childhood

About the Early Childhood category:

Early Childhood programs such as Preschool are where a child’s Educational journey first begins. As a Teacher, with the right Creative Tools you can inspire a thirst for Knowledge and Learning that will last Students their entire lives. Costumes in the Classroom are exactly the kind of apparatus that will get them excited to Learn.

Access to Dress Up Costumes for structured Dramatic Play encourages Role Play and complex Cognitive abilities. With outfits in the Dress Up corner representing Characters or Roles they know, like Cinderella, Dora The Explorer, Elmo, or a Doctor, Children will look forward to going to School.

Encourage Learning from a Young Age:

• When they’re dressed up, be sure to ask them questions about who they are and what they’re doing and help them with the details they’re still learning.

• When it’s time for a Story Book or Nursery Rhyme, wear a Costume and get into character to show what a fun activity Reading is. Or, for one like Bo Peep, choose one girl and one boy to dress up in the Bo Peep Costume and Lamb Costume.

• Plan a dress up day, like a Nursery Rhyme Day or Storybook Character day, and encourage Parents to take a look at the costume options available at SchoolCostumes.org, where their purchases will help Fundraise for your Class or school.

• The “Oh Mr. Sun” Production for Mothers Day will be ten times more adorable with Flower costumes or props.

Note: You’ll also find useful costumes in Preschool Sizes in many other categories, like Christmas costumes or additional Career costumes, so be sure to take a look around the site.

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