Putting on a Disney Play, Musical, or School Production for your Class or Performing Arts Program? School Costumes has Disney Costumes for Educational purposes.

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About the Disney category:

The popularity of Disney Movies, Characters, and Stories is a force that should not go unnoticed or forgotten. Opting for a Disney Production for your School or Performing Arts Program is smart for more reasons that one. For one thing, many of the modern Disney Princesses and other characters are from different Cultural backgrounds or Worldly places, creating an Opportunity for your Students to Learn about the Setting and History. Disney Plays are also enjoyed and instantly recognizable by students as well as Audience members of All Ages, making for an easy way to keep everyone happy. Furthermore, Disney Stories often contain Lessons of Life that can be reinforced and expanded upon by you as a Teacher when you bring them into your Classroom.

When it comes to a Disney Musical or Production, there are so many options, and here at School Costumes, we have Costumes for them all. Cinderella, Snow White, the Little Mermaid, or the Maleficent movie rendition of Sleeping Beauty will surely appeal to the masses. And how about Alice In Wonderland or one of the Peter Pan movies like Neverland or Hook? Disney Channel hits like Teen Beach also provide a more current and hip option for your next Musical. For whichever story you choose, you’ll see a variety of Styles and Sizes, giving you full control of your School Play. Take a look around and get some ideas!

Get eager Parents onboard for School Fundraising by encouraging them to but their Children’s Costumes for Theater club through our website. Just contact us and we’ll be happy to set that up for you.

Add some of the Magic Of Disney to your Class and watch how your students grow.

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