Cunning Frontier Boy Davy Crockett Boys Costume

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Your son will be begging you to let him wear this Cunning Frontier Boy or Davy Crockett Boy-s Costume as soon as he lays his eyes on it. He will be telling you and the family of the fabled Davy Crockett who killed a bear when he was only three; and show you he is now the man who knew no fear.Your lad will enjoy wearing the caramel colored long sleeved shirt with brown fringes across the chest, waist and sleeves. He will loop his thumbs through the brown belt as he struts down the street; pretend to blow his weathered looking powdered horn, and remove his coonskin brown hat only when a lady passes by or to moisten his hot face by the river. This boy-s costume comes in sizes Medium and Large. This costume does not include caramel colored and brown fringed boots, blue jeans, or fake brown rifle cap .

Cunning Frontier Boy Davy Crockett Boys Costume

An all American Hero.
An all American Hero.

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