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Educational Costumes look their best with the right Costume Makeup. For a great Creative Opportunity, let Students be in charge of Makeup for your next School Production.

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About the Costume Makeup category:

Creating the perfect Costume for the greatest Learning Experience does not end merely with the Outfit. The use of costume Makeup can create the ultimate illusion to help Students (and, in the case of a School Production, your Audience) imagine Historical times, places, and Cultures much different from their own. Furthermore, allowing students at the High School or even Middle School level in Drama Class or Theater club to Practice creating SFX details themselves is a Creative Opportunity that may help pave the way to their Future Goals beyond School.

From pimple kits and Old Age Makeup to Animal Costume makeup and Wizard Of Oz makeup sets, School Costumes offers plenty of options to ensure a top-notch Musical or Play or simply an extra fun Lesson in the Classroom. We also provide a full range of solid Colors as well as Makeup Applicator kits so as to allow you free Creative range in creating exactly the look you need. Whatever the Age of your students, the nature of your Class, or the Theme of your Production, our Costume Make Up will get the job done.

Thanks to Teachers like you, the value of Performing Arts as a Method of Teaching continues to be recognized and appreciated. We hope that we can make your goal in keeping Acting and the Arts flourishing in the Community an easier one and a successful one. If there’s ever anything we can do to better serve you in this goal, even if there’s something you need that we do not currently offer, please just give us a call or send us a note via email.

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