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School Costumes will ensure your Career Day includes Everyday Heroes like Police Officers, Fire Fighters, and Military with our Educational selection of Career Costumes.

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About the Community Safety category:

Your next Career Day or Career themed Classroom Activity won’t be complete without Costumes representing Jobs that keep the Community safe. With your Teaching expertise, Career Costumes portraying Police Officers, Fire Fighters, and Military heroes will benefit Students of all ages by allowing them to understand the role that these Everyday Heroes play in our lives.

At the Preschool, Kindergarten, and lower Elementary School levels, Children need to Learn what an emergency is and when they should Call 911 or Stop Drop And Roll, along with which people will help them in such situations.

As students enter Middle School and High School, they might participate in Job Shadowing or more carefully consider a Job such as fighting crime, fighting fires, or defending the country. To wear such a Career Costume at this stage might take on much deeper meaning as they look at themselves and imagine their Future. And since Halloween is for turning into popular characters like Spiderman, sometimes it takes the Education system to make them try on a face that they might actually wear one day.

One of the things that’s so exciting about being a Teacher is that you not only get to Teach your students about the world they live in but also have the opportunity to help them find their place in it. Not all of them will decide they want Jobs in Law Enforcement, as just one example, but remember that even a decision that something is not for them is one step closer to figuring out what is for them.

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