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Lessons in American History about the Colonial Era and Revolutionary Period are brought to life for Students in your School by using School Costumes as a Teaching Tool.

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About the Colonial and Revolutionary category:

From life in Colonial Virginia and the Thirteen Colonies to the Sons Of Liberty and the Boston Tea Party, Historic Costumes used in Lesson Plans by Teachers like you about the Colonial Period and Revolutionary America will show Students that Learning about History is fun and will transform your School into a more positive Learning Environment.

Children in Elementary School will enjoy Dressing Up as Colonial Americans as they imagine what life was like back then. A creative Lesson Plan may encourage them to work together in Costume (dressed as Colonists) to build some of the elements of a Colonial Era home, including a bed, mattress, and windows. The combination of wearing Costumes and using their hands to make something will create a memorable Learning Experience.

Older Students may benefit from wearing Revolution Era or Colonial Costumes for a Presentation or Class Discussion about the Tobacco Economy, the events that helped turn Colonists against Great Britain, and how the Settlers and Founding Fathers established a way of life for America that set the Country on its path to what it has evolved into today.

Colonial Outfits and Revolutionary Costumes in the Classroom turn black Textbook pictures into breathing, living, colorful examples of some of the most interesting and important moments in American History. These historic School Costumes provide exactly the Teaching Tools you need to capture their imagination and interest so you can Teach them Lessons they will carry along with them for the duration of their Educational journey.

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