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Christmas and Winter Holiday costumes maximize students’ learning at the end of the year. School Costumes helps teachers keep the curriculum fun.

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When Christmas rolls around in the school year, students and teachers alike get excited as the decorations are brought out and the Christmas tunes are played. Bringing holiday spirit to students in the classroom can liven up any school day and lesson plan.

Regardless of age, students of all ages will enjoy a school-wide Christmas play or musical. Lovable characters like Santa Claus, Mrs. Claus, Rudolph, Frosty and all the others that live in the North Pole can all make appearance at school during the holiday season. Plays or musical productions can help stimulate students to read more about the subject, learn how to act and memorize lines and improve their theater skills. Students will also make new friends and help educators and parents alike be proud of the work put in to the holiday production.

In class, students can learn about how Christmas is celebrated around the world. Using decorations and costumes can help bring visuals to students about how different cultures celebrate similar holidays. Further discussion can delve into the commercialism and religion behind Christmas to continue to stimulate students into thinking about the Holiday season in a different light.

Whether it’s plays, musicals or class discussions, the Holiday season can still bring a bright spirit to classes that can be augmented by using costumes. Bringing together the community of parents, educators and students can bring the school as a whole to celebrate the holiday season.

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