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Plan a Career Day or promote Career Exploration at your School with Astronaut, Fire Fighter, Police, Doctor, and more Job Costumes available at School Costumes.

Career Day Costumes

About the Career Day category:

From the time kids enter Preschool to the time they’re in High School and sending in College applications, there is never a time when a Career Day or Career Presentation isn’t beneficial. Whether your Students are getting their first exposure to the types of Careers that exist in the world or are starting to think about the Job Field for which they want to receive an Education, Career Costumes can serve as an important prop when helping them grasp the importance of Learning.

Career Exploration in the Curriculum:

• Ask students what they want to be when they grow up. Set a day for kids to come to School dressed in their Career Costume of choice and tell the Classroom what that Job is, what it does, and why that’s what they want to be. Give advanced notice to Parents, and suggest Costumes from this School friendly site, which will Raise Funds for the school with their purchases.

• Keep a broad selection of Job Costumes in the Dress Up corner so the kids can take on different roles during Play Time. Promote Learning by asking them questions about who they are and what they’re doing.

• If Job Shadowing is an option, require Class Presentations in Costume the next day back in Class so students can learn from one another’s experiences.

• Set up different job “stations” with the corresponding Job Uniform to try on and Accessories or toys to play with. Give each student a “Career Passport” to stamp when they go to each station.

Come to class dressed up as an astronaut for a First Man On The Moon topic or for a debate about how much funding should be allotted to space exploration.

Browse this Career category for a wide selection of Astronaut, Fire Fighter, Police, Doctor, Pilot Costumes, and more to open young eyes and minds to the bright, exciting future that awaits them.

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