Bloody Head Prop

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Dead Meat, Life Size, All Vinyl Construction Props

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Bloody Bolt Kit

Realistic Movie Style Makeup and Prosthetics. *includes Blood.

Bloody Head Prop

Dead Meat, Life Size, All Vinyl Construction Props

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You'll go psycho over this shower curtain! Bloody Shower Curtain is a Full size white curtain w ...

Bloody Bolts

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Includes (1) plastic door cover that feature dripping and spattered blood with a white background. T

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Includes one pair of white, blood spattered thigh highs. Please note, skirt, apron, and shoes are no

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Bloody Pig Butcher Wall Hanging Decoration

Includes Wall Hanging Decoration. Excludes: This is a Decoration, not a Costume. Sizes: One size

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Includes: Wall roll. Excludes: Other Props and Accessories. Sizes: One size

Bloody Foot With Barbed Wire

Costume Includes bloody foot prop wrapped in faux barbed wire.

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