Educational Costumes provides tools to Teach using Performing Arts at your School. Help your Students channel their wild side in a positive way with Animal Costumes.


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About the Animals category:

If your next School Production for a Performing Arts Program or Drama Class calls for Animal Costumes, School Costumes makes accessible to you a broad selection, in both High Quality and economic options, that is sure to exceed your needs and help you create a prime Educational Experience for your Students.

Whether it’s a Musical like Cats that lets each Student use his or her Dramatic skills to the best of their ability to portray domestic or Wild Animals or rather a much simpler script that helps Preschoolers or Kindergarteners learn about, say, Prehistoric Animals such as Dinosaurs, finding the right Costumes can make their Learning Experience much more vivid and meaningful.

From cats and Dogs to Zebras, Parrots and Frogs, from those animals that live in the sea to the sky to everything in between and beyond, the costumes you see here are lively and bright and will really help Children of All Ages get in Character. Even mystical creatures like Unicorns and Dragons come in costume form to add enchantment to your Play that can’t be upstaged. Inspire your students and captivate your Audience. From the Classroom to the Stage, Dramatic Play plays a powerful role in Education.

Don’t forget! If your school is not funding the Production Costumes and instead you are asking Parents to buy their Children’s Costumes, encourage them to purchase them here in order to Raise Funds for your Class, School, or Performing Arts program.

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